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Mumbai is an amazing concoction of glitz, glamour, luxury  and fun galore. With some of the best nightclubs, sumptuous diners, plush hotels and breathtaking beaches- the city is duly the entertainment capital of the world. And another most inviting aspect of the city is undoubtedly its beautiful  escorts girls. Mumbai escorts are sureshot stunners and they will simply make your day. Nothing is more boring that exploring Mumbai all alone. If you don’t have a company, don’t worry, the escorts girls Mumbai will make your day.
The Mumbai escorts scene is undoubtedly magical with lovely sophisticated ladies who know how to please men. They are the ones who can add spice to your mundane life and make things even more beautiful. Whether you are bored of your loneliness or need to de-stress after a long tiring day at work- the gorgeous escorts Mumbai will help to see the light in darkness. Just one date with them will shower you with endless pleasure and ecstasy of lifetime- and you are sure to look forward to many more of such dates.
One of the best parts of Mumbai escorts scene is the access to some of the loveliest women in the country. Indian women have always won hearts with their mesmerizing beauty and their curvy profile is something to die for. Their big eyes hold all the mysterious of the world and they can easily make you go weak in the knees with their one glance. The Mumbai escorts scene has got lovely Indian women from all over the country. And you also have foreign high class escorts Mumbai waiting for you here. When it comes to ultimate pleasure, the city has got everything for you.
Mumbai escorts are also loved for their classy style statement. They know what to dress where and will be your most beautiful arm candy when you will need a partner for your social functions. However, these gorgeous ladies will not only accompany you in your social functions but will also be your lovely companion when you want to groove in the nightclubs or want some great action in the privacy of your hotel room.

 There are various ways to get in touch with Mumbai escorts. You have a wide range of female  escorts agencies here and most of them have their own official website. Just browse through those websites and find the girl that you like. Mumbai also offers independent  escorts service for those who want to go for freelancers.


Why Mumbai Celebrity Escorts will be the best for you?

Real pictures
We believe in absolute professionalism and condemn any kind of fraudulent act. Unlike many regular escort agencies that mostly use fake pictures- we only feature real authentic pictures. Your convenience and satisfaction are the most significant for us.
Thoroughly verified escorts
We aim to indulge our clients in an unparallel experience, layered with pleasure and unbound joy. Thus, we work with only the top escorts in the city who are experienced in the most high profile service. We go through rigorous checking while selecting our escorts and only the cream of the niche gets to work for us.
Great escort service
Our escorts love to give and receive pleasure. These stunning divas are well aware of all the nuances of pampering and pleasing men and will sweep you straight to seventh heaven. They are ready to do anything for you. Whether you want a lovely lady to accompany you in a formal party or super-hot dance partner who can set the dance-floor on fire- our escorts are just the one for you. And that’s not all. Our escorts also promise some truly unforgettable moments when you are craving for passionate sensations. They will love and caress you just like your special girlfriend and indulge you in all the pleasures you have kept locked in till date. You will just need to open up about your fetishes and our escorts will turn all your dreams to reality one by one.
Versatile packages
We have got a wide variety of packages to choose from to make things more convenient for our clients. Our packages start from 2 hours and if you want, you can even reserve our escorts for an eventful weekend. Our packages are very reasonable, starting from 12,000 INR and you can explore further options according to your desires. But no matter whichever package you choose, the experience will be worth the money.
All popular payment methods accepted
We accept all popular payment methods. We work with all major credit and debit cards and we also accept cash.
Confidential and safe service
We respect the privacy of our clients and we promise you the most confidential service. Our escorts are careful about discretion of our clients and they will meet you exactly where you will ask them to. Moreover, we are also careful about the safety of our clients. We do not ask for unnecessary details from our clients and whatever information you will submit to us will be guarded by state of the art encryption.

Why Mumbai model and celebrity escorts?

When you desire best luxury  escorts service, regular escorts can’t always provide that unprecedented level of  plush service. This is where our model  escorts mumbai    will be the divas for you. They are those ravishing stunners whom you see everyday in movies or advertisements. Many of our model and celeb escorts  have even donned the cover pages of esteemed fashion , film and lifestyle magazines. They know how to maintain themselves. They visit salons regularly and hit gyms to keep them in the best of shape.
Apart from killer looks, the celebrity and model escorts are also amazing companions for quality conversations. They can talk about almost anything under the sun. From movies to history to sports to fashion to fun- you will enjoy an engaging conversation with them any time.
A lot of clients are apprehensive about their first date with escorts, especially when it comes to dating a celeb or model escort. Well, our premium escorts mumbai are extremely friendly and they will make you feel completely at home right from the first call. They are modest, courteous and are ever ready to do anything to please you. Your satisfaction is the most important thing for them. You can be completely open about your feelings or fetishes to them and they will be glad to fulfill whatever you ask for.
How many times have you craved to hold a gorgeous Bollywood movie star in your arms? How many times have you had the earnest desire to date a cute model from the advertisements that you watch everyday on TV? Well, countless times to be precise. It’s natural. Our celebs and models are just irresistible.
Now, the great part is that Mumbai Celebrity Escorts offers you this exclusive privilege to date the beautiful Bollywood stars and models whenever you wish to.

Top tips to date an escort
As mentioned previously, your convenience and satisfaction are of prime importance to us. We have seen that a lot of clients are clueless about how to date an escort. Such confusions may lead to misunderstandings and hamper your entire experience. Thus, our experts here have provided the best tips on dating our high profile and vip  escorts mumbai –

  • Be respectful

This is one of the most basic things to remember while dating an escort.
Escorts are true professionals just like the senior manager or an executive of a company. Hence, they deserve the respect that you pay to all other professionals out there. Just because they are giving you their time, doesn’t mean they are not in a serious business. Our escorts are some of the classiest divas and it’s a wonderful experience to date them. So, be a true gentleman when you interact or date an escort.

  • Call her

After you zero in on your escort, the next step is to call her. Now, a lot of clients, especially the newbies, are confused about how to start the conversation. Well, here are some pointers for your help-

  • Greet her
  • Introduce yourself, say your name and where do you stay
  • You may mention your profession but there is no need to elaborate anything further about your job
  • Politely ask her out for a date. See if she is available on your desired date. If she is, go ahead
  • Discuss in detail what you exactly want from the escort
  • Fix the date- be specific about the date, time and exact place. If you are staying in a hotel and want her to meet you in your room, mention your room number
  • Say thanks before hanging up.

You need to make a second call on the day before your date to confirm the date. On the day of the date, you must make another call to ensure everything will be as per the plans.

  • Be punctual

This is another important tip to keep in mind while dating an escort.
Our model  escorts mumbai  are busy professionals and are very particular about their time. So, please be punctual with the specified time and date. Punctuality is the sign of a true gentleman and always earns respect. In case you think you will be late, inform her in advance so that she can manage her schedule accordingly. DO NOT make her wait. If for some reason, you have to cancel the date, then also you should keep her informed in advance. Politely ask her if she will be available for another convenient date. If she is available, fix a second date. But if she is not, do not force her. In such cases, you can always check out other escorts from our gallery.

  • Be courteous

You should always be courteous in your approach towards your escort. Do not use any sort of foul language or dirty words while talking to her. Do not ask her overly personal questions that may make her feel uncomfortable. Our escorts are elegant ladies and you should behave accordingly. You can rather talk about movies or books or life in general. But do not ask her about her family or boyfriends or past relationships and so on.
Do not try to establish romantic ties or emotional bindings with her. Escorts are professionals and prefer to keep things on a professional and formal level.

  • Stay clean and fresh

Your escort will take up a lot of effort to deck up for you. She wants to ensure the best experience for her client. You too should respect her efforts and return the favor. Now, that doesn’t mean you have to get the best designer clothes in the city. All she wants is a fresh and clean man who maintains basic hygiene standards. So, there are some little preps that you must take to get ready for a memorable date with your escort lady-

  • Take a bath before she comes.
  • Put on clean proper clothes.
  • Dress up according to your venue. For example, if you are going for a romantic dinner, the casual everyday shorts won’t go.
  • Trim your nails
  • Shave or trim your beard
  • Spray a nice smelling perfume or cologne
  • Be chivalrous

Escorts prefer chivalrous men. So, if you are looking forward to a great date with your escort, try to be at your chivalrous best. You don’t have to be really elaborate but just little thoughtful gestures will go a long way in making your day-

  • Get a nice gift- don’t go overboard- a small bouquet of roses (or her favorite flower) will do
  • Get the chair for her as she is about to sit
  • Hold the door when she steps out of the car
  • Make drinks for her if she is okay with that
  • Do not force her

You cannot force your escort to do something that she has not agreed to beforehand.  If you have not asked about a service beforehand but suddenly get the urge to have it on-spot, politely ask her if she is okay with it. If she is game with it, you can happily go ahead. But if she is not, do not press her to do anything that she doesn’t want to.
Besides, do not force her to stay with you beyond the stipulated hour. She is a busy professional and has got other assignments. Moreover, you have no right to force her to stay with you beyond the set timeline. However, our escorts are really amazing. It’s only natural that one date will never be enough for you. So, in case, you feel like having another date with your escort, ask her out for a second date. If you are polite and courteous and if she is free on the desired date- chances are high that she will agree to it.

  • Pay in advance

Do not let your escort ask for the payment. The rule of the thumb is to pay your escort the moment she arrives at your venue. And please, do not bargain or try to negotiate. Our rates are already reasonable and we promise an unmatched experience worth every bit of your penny.
We heartily invite you for a great joyride with our lovely divas.