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Having fun with your celebrity escort Mumbai at the Sanjay Gandhi National Park

How about a picnic celebration at the Sanjay Gandhi National park at Borivali, 40 KMs north of Mumbai city? There are a number of attractions at the large sprawling park which is 104 square kilometres in size. You have a choice of tiger and lion south celebrity escortssafaris, toy train ride, boating, rock climbing and trekking. The best attractions are the Kanheri hand carved Budhist caves located 7 KMs inside the park. With so much to see and enjoy all you need is the company of the Hi profile escort Mumbai.

Without wasting any time you can get in touch with our Mumbai escorts service to book an escort. The escorts’ service in Mumbai would be happy to share with you the profiles of the celebrity escorts in Mumbai. Although you would be using the shuttles in the park to move around to the different spots yet you should choose a sporty looking model escort Mumbai for company. The sprinter and jogger Bollywood escorts in the list of the escort service in Mumbai would be the most suited for this visit.

You will have to leave for Borivali early in the morning to be able to make the most of your visit. You and the Mumbai high profile escort can catch the shuttle bus from the entrance of the park to reach the Kanheri caves. There are 109 of them, carved out of volcanic rock. They are in various sizes and scattered over a hilltop. So you can enjoy the climb and get into the caves for some close moments with your celebrity escort in Mumbai. Do not miss the largest cave that has a deep chamber for worship and also towering sculptures of Budha.

Once back from the caves you can visit the park’s tiger and lion sanctuaries by taking the safari. Also enjoy the 15 minute boat ride with your Bollywood escort Mumbai. Since the place does not have any food joints our Mumbai escorts service advises the clients to carry their own packed lunch and snacks. With the bounty of nature you can venture into the green areas of the park and enjoy plenty of private moments with your model escort Mumbai.

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