Mumbai glamour and celebrities

There is a huge influx of people into Mumbai on a daily basis. These include holiday revellers, businessmen, people with dreams and a lot of others as well. The magnetic pull of the city draws the crowds into the city. Besides the outsiders there is a A form of companionship ought to leave an imprint foreverhuge population that lives in the city and its suburbs. You will find the people moving to work on a daily basis and the suburban trains and local buses and taxis all run full during the morning rush hours. With such huge swarms of people at the train stations and bus stops, an outsider is likely to get caught unawares in the melee.

Fun time during the day: The outsiders try to move about in the city once the morning rush hours are over. That is the best time to enjoy the variety of visiting options that the city has to offer. There are public parks, endless markets, British era architectural monuments, sea beaches, water parks and so on. If it is winter you can bask in the sun and if it is summer you can roam around in the air conditioned malls. The beaches allow you to get into the water, go on a boating spree or simply lie down on the dry sands to relax.  The people head back to their hotel rooms before the evening rush hour sets in.

The night business: But this is not all. There is another variety of visitors to the city who go out for work and business during the day and take time out in the late evenings and night to have fun and enjoyment. The city of Mumbai has enough of entertainment options for them also. It all depends on what you are looking for? You can easily punch the keys on the internet and you will get a plethora of options for the fun time you are looking for. Everybody knows that the city of Mumbai has an equally popular night life as it is known for its hectic day movements.

Bollywood industry: Glamour has a special place in the city of Mumbai. It all dates back to the time when the first Bollywood films were made there. Today, it is a multirole industry with studios and make shift shooting sites spread all over the city. A number of Bollywood blockbusters get made throughout the year and the industry offer employment to a lot of people. Bollywood is also known to have brought many faces to fame. The glamour associated with becoming famous overnight brings many to the Mumbai city with the dream of making it big. It is definitely the acting skills with some luck and the right connections that help you become a popular hero or heroine.

TV serial action: The glamour of Mumbai is not limited to the Bollywood celebrities alone. It offers another option in the form of TV serial actors and actresses to a number of aspirants. This is another booming glamour industry. People watch the TV serials all over India and even abroad. They have developed their own liking for the serial actors and actresses. With the popular vote many of them have become celebrities overnight. They enjoy an equally good repo as their Bollywood counterparts and even get the break in the films.

Advertising and fashion world: There is no end to the celebrities that you can find in Mumbai. All those who cannot make it to Bollywood and TV serials, have the glamorous advertisement world open to them. A large number of advertisements that you watch on the TV channels and cinema halls are actually shot in Mumbai. They also have launched a number of faces into the glamour world. If you happen to scan the internet you will find that fashion shows are also very popular in the metropolis. Fashion models are another category of celebrities that have made it big in Mumbai.

Something for everyone: Thus, you can see for yourself that the city of glamour is booming with a variety of celebrities. People come to Mumbai with a view of being able to see the shooting of the movies, TV serials or the advertisements in live form. This allows them to actually see the celebrities performing live before their eyes. If they cannot get to these movie shoots, they pay to get into the fashion shows in order to catch a glimpse of the celebrities.

Safety and security: As you can see, that in the glamour world of Mumbai, the celebrities are big business. With a large number of people wanting to catch a glimpse of their favourite models, the safety and security of the celebrities becomes an issue. You are likely to witness, cordoning of the area where the movie shootings are going on. This is done with a view of carrying out the shooting smoothly and also protect the actors and actresses from the mob herd mentality. As a further safety protection, the celebrities often make use of the Mumbai escort vehicles to move safely from one location to another.

Adequate protection: The celebrity escort vehicle has also become a booming business in Mumbai. Earlier in case of any concern a Police escort was requested for by the celebrities. However, the issue became politicized and the celebrities started seeking private intervention rather than looking towards government bodies. This gave rise to the private security agency escort vehicles, which provide the service for a price. It suited the celebrities as with the rising competition, the services have become better and the cost is reasonable.

Catching up with the pace city: Mumbai is a hip and happening city. There are plenty of events going on in the different parts of the city to catch the attention of the general public. It takes time for the outsiders to get accustomed to the pace at which the city moves. Many of them, who are unable to cope up return back to where they came from. The others who get accustomed to the vagaries of the city are able to look for greener pastures. In the midst of glamour and celebrities this is the least you can expect from this metropolis!



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