Playing badminton with your escort in Mumbai

A sport in any form is a healthy for the body. It builds your stamina, flushes out toxins and keeps you fit. How about indulging in a game with the opposite sex? Yes I am talking about a game of Badminton with your Hi-profile escort Mumbai. When you make a booking on the Escorts agency in Mumbai for a companion, be sure to engage a sporty Mumbai celebrity escort.

Before you can begin your game you will have to buy a pair of badminton racquets and a box of shuttle cocks. Also you would celebrity escorts mumbaineed to book a badminton court in a club, unless you want to play in a park by installing two poles and a light nylon net. Since you are playing to get some exercise and fun a make shift arrangement will also do. All said and done the sports dress is a must. White shorts, yellow tee and a pair of Nike sports shoes for your Bollywood escort and white shorts with blue tee with Reebok shoes for you.

If you have done a proper selection of the sports dress for your opponent you will have some eye candy while playing and enjoying the game of badminton with your Model escort Mumbai. How you make her stretch and run will give you a good exposure. Also, you must make it a point to go over to her side and teach her a few service shots. Get behind the Mumbai hi-profile escort and hold her hand with the racquet. Put the other arm around her and hold the shuttle cock in it. Now you can teach her a few service shots very intimately. While the Mumbai escort is busy learning and totally engrossed in the game you can enjoy your moments holding her in an embrace from behind.

Your erotic zones would be quivering by now and it would be getting difficult to play from a distance or from the opposite court. So have a shower, get fresh and have food with your escort in Mumbai. Now into the night you can continue with other form of sports with your celebrity escort Mumbai.

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