Hello! I am Trisha. I welcome you on behalf of the leading escort service in Andheri, Mumbai. Be assured that you are at the right place and you will enjoy reading my story. I was born and brought up in Andheri, Mumbai. My parents were not well off but never put any limitations on me. As a result, I grew up as a very ambitious girl who wants to reach the pinnacle of success. When I went to college, I felt a strange kind of energy inside me. I broke free from the shackles that were binding me. By the time I graduated from college I was a free girl. I could have got a job but I knew it would not be able to fulfil my desires. That is the time I became a part of this Andheri, Mumbai escort agency.
I know my strengths from the college days. I was a siren there and had a large fan following. The day I dressed up in a revealing dress, I could hear the boys talking and commenting. I have lost count of the proposals for marriage I used to get from them. I television escorts Mumbainever wanted to lead a family bound life as it would have put an end to my ambitions. Instead, I took up the rigorous training at the escort service in Andheri, Mumbai. The day begins with a morning jog followed by an hour of aerobic classes. I like all the exercises and running as it keeps me fit and agile. It also helps me keep my figure in shape. For two years I also attended the theory classes in human psychology in order to understand human behaviour. Today, it has made it very easy for me to handle my clients. All those who have spent time with me have been extremely satisfied with the escort services rendered to them.

While telling you my story I forgot to appraise you about my colleagues who work as independent high profile escorts with this renowned escort agency in Andheri, Mumbai. If you need college girls, mature housewives, working girls, fashion models or celebrity escorts, you will easily be able to find all of them here. They are charming, smart and agile just like me. Even though I am emotionally very strong, you will find different types of attributes in the female escorts Andheri, Mumbai who work here. The variety also interests the visitors who want someone different when they come back to us. However, let me assure you that all the delicate VIP escorts have immensely pleasing personalities.

Let me tell you another attribute that I share with my fellow Andheri Mumbai escorts. All of us have a liking for dressing up well. While some of us prefer the western wear, there are others who like the traditional dresses. All of us feel happy when the client desires that we appear in a particular dress of his choice. It gives us immense pleasure when the client praises us for our immaculate dress sense. All the high profile escorts are regular visitors to the beauty parlor and take care of their supple and soft skin. They get the pedicure, manicure and facials done in order to keep their skin well-toned. The sensuous model escorts also put on a light makeup, with attractive nail paint to appear all the more attractive. Many of our clients are mesmerised by the good-looking escorts Andheri Mumbai when they meet them for the first time. The moment you book the lady escort in Andheri, Mumbai at our escort agency you can take it for granted that your good time has begun.
The Andheri, Mumbai escorts service ensures that you are able to get the escort to your liking. Following are the options available to make your task simpler.

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