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The story of the Bollywood escort Mumbai as told by the client

The Mumbai escort services get a lot of feedbacks from the clients. This story came from a newcomer who had utilized the escorts’ service in Mumbai for the 1st time. He narrates his experience with the hi-profile escort Mumbai in first high profile celebrity escortsperson. Enjoy reading it.

I was pretty nervous when I booked an escort with the escort service Mumbai. Somehow I managed to gather some courage and take out my Hero CBZ bike and vroomed to the pickup point. As I parked my bike and took my helmet off, I saw the beautiful hi profile escort Mumbai waiting for me. She was tall, young and fair complexioned. The celebrity escort Mumbai was wearing a nice pink top with indigo jeans and looked stunning in the plain outfit.

I took her name and the word hello just sputtered out of my throat. The Mumbai celebrity escort was quick to sense my nervousness and said hello with a smile. She checked with me if this was my first time? After the Mumbai escort got the answer, she held my hand and planted a kiss on my cheek and said “let’s go.”

The kiss in full public view gave me a lot of courage and I felt on the top of the world. I started my bike and I took my celebrity escort in Mumbai to the café nearby. Now I was the one who was holding her hand and we talked, giggled and laughed on the way to the café. I still do not know how the transformation occurred, but the Mumbai hi profile escorts definitely know how to take care of their clients.

Soon we were drinking coffee together and the Bollywood escort Mumbai was leading the discussion on the contemporary topics. I also read the newspapers but she seemed to be so well informed about the current topics that I found my knowledge lacking.

We went around the beach, had dinner together and also danced in the hotel dance floor. The time spent with the Mumbai high profile escort had completely changed my attitude towards life. When we returned to the hotel room I was feeling like a man!

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