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Visit to the Elephanta Island with the celebrity escort in Mumbai

You can book an escort with our escort service in Mumbai for a visit to the Elephanta Island. There are boats leaving every hour from the Gateway of India to the Elephanta Island which is located in the middle of the Mumbai harbour. You can enjoy high class model escortsthe boat ride with your hi profile escort Mumbai, through the serene waters of the Arabian Sea.

The Elephant caves have their origins dating back to the 6th or 8th century AD. When you view the sculptures and art at the basalt rock caves with your Mumbai celebrity escort you would be enthralled. The island on which these caves are located was known as Gharapuri, but the Portuguese renamed it as Elephanta based on a large stone structure of an elephant on the island. The figure had collapsed in 1814 and was moved to the Victoria Gardens in Mumbai by the British and reassembled.

You and your model escort Mumbai would find the artwork intriguing. It is one of the best temple carvings in India with a matrix of courtyards, pillars, halls and shrines. You along with the Mumbai escort would enjoy going around the heritage site. It is a pity to know that the priceless statues at Elephanta Island were destroyed and damaged by the Portuguese who used them for target practice.

mumbai celebrity escortsThe biggest attraction is the 6 meter tall statue of Lord Shiva depicting the three facets – The destroyer, creator and preserver of the universe. The celebrity escort Mumbai would find it difficult to take her eyes off the powerful and enormous bust of Shiva with its eyes closed and engaged in eternal contemplation. Like all other visitors, you and the Bollywood escort will feel mesmerised by the depiction of the might and eternal bliss by the sculptures.

On your way back on the boat with your VIP escort Mumbai you would reminiscence about the wonderful caves and the epitome of artwork that you just witnessed. Both you and the Mumbai hi profile escort would remember the visit for a long time to come.

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