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With the celebrity escort Mumbai at the Chowpatty beach

The white sand beach at the northern end of Marine drive, and located in the heart of Mumbai is known as the Girgaum Chaupati. You can book an escort with the Mumbai escort service and plan an evening of fun and enjoyment at the beach. independent celebrity escortsPeople visit the beach in scores as the evening descends. They come here to relax after a hectic day’s work. The cool sea breeze along with the gentle waves moving towards the shore has a soothing effect on the mind and body.

You and your Hi profile escort Mumbai can enjoy the magnificent scene of the setting Sun. The large ball of fire coolly sets into the serene blue waters of the sea, signalling the onset of a wonderful evening ahead for you and the model escort Mumbai. The Bollywood escorts have a special weakness for the spicy raw mango that is available on the beach. You can munch on the roasted peanuts if you find the raw mango too bitter. However, you and the celebrity escort in Mumbai can go in for eating the chaat together, which again happens to be a speciality on the beach.

Find out what is in store for you and the Mumbai Hi Profile escort in the night, from the fortune teller on the beach. Maybe the fortune is on your side for a ravishing time with the Mumbai celebrity escort. You can also try out the camel ride or the horse ride together with the celebrity escort Mumbai.

In the beebee gun shooting galleries you and the VIP escort Mumbai can have a shooting competition. The winner gets his or her wish granted in the hotel room later in the night. Get your shots right if you want the special favour from the Mumbai escort. Remember she is a sharp shooter too!

After all the games and food you can sit on the sand with the escort in Mumbai and relax. Enjoy the talk with the escort Mumbai while gazing at the stars above. You can have your own private moments with the Bollywood escort Mumbai if there is not much crowd.

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